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Imprivata establishes trust across the people, devices, applications, data, and clinical workflows contributing to the delivery of patient care. When this trust is established, providers have the freedom to leverage the technologies and information they need to streamline clinical workflows and deliver efficient, high-quality care in an increasingly decentralized healthcare environment. By offering comprehensive, purpose-built solutions for positive identity, ubiquitous access, and multifactor authentication, Imprivata is able to establish trust across the healthcare delivery network.

Identity governance

Securing access to protected health information is one of the most critical issues facing healthcare organizations today. Security incidents can disrupt patient care while failure to comply with HIPAA regulations can result in substantial penalties. The Imprivata identity governance solution offers the only integrated IAM solution that provides all of the user and behavioral data and workflow automation needed to support governance, risk management, and compliance initiatives.

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Mobile device security

Imprivata addresses healthcare’s top concerns for mobile initiatives: balancing security, manageability, and usability. Together, Imprivata Mobile Device Access and GroundControl provide complete lifecycle management for shared mobile devices. From device provisioning to user access, mobility is simplified with Imprivata.

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Enterprise single sign-on

The Imprivata enterprise single sign-on platform addresses access challenges by significantly reducing clicks and eliminating the need to remember or enter application usernames and passwords. Proven in healthcare environments around the world, the Imprivata single sign-on solution can be used with all types of applications and devices, saving care providers 45 minutes every shift, improving satisfaction levels, and driving EHR adoption.

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Multifactor authentication

Imprivata offers a comprehensive identity and multifactor authentication platform that enables fast, secure authentication workflows across the healthcare enterprise. The Imprivata multifactor authentication solution offers secure and convenient authentication that is purpose-built to meet the critical security and workflow challenges of today’s healthcare enterprise.

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Positive patient identification

Legacy patient identification processes that rely on photo IDs, oral demographic data, or Social Security Numbers can cause patient identification errors. Identification errors are time-consuming and costly to correct and can cause delayed or denied claims. Imprivata offers the leading positive patient identification platform improves patient safety and financial outcomes through biometric identification, medical record clean-up, improved patient matching, and workflow optimization.

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Secure healthcare communications

When providing patient care, every minute counts. Care providers struggle with outdated communication technologies, like pagers, and lack the tools necessary to collaborate on patient care across multiple providers and locations. The Imprivata secure communications platform streamlines care coordination by allowing physicians, nurses, and patients to connect, communicate, and collaborate securely from any workstation or mobile device.

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